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Treatment and Recycling

Today and in future, waste treatment and recycling will gain more and more importance. The secondary raw materials recovered in the various treatment processes can be reused e.g. in earthwork, civil engineering, and road construction and often help saving significant costs and, above all, the use of primary raw materials.
Therefore, these processes are also of significant importance to our company.

The recycling of construction waste and rubble serves for recovering construction material from brickwork, concrete, bitumen, concrete blocks, and mixed construction waste. The material is screened and crushed by our mobile crushers and then sieved in our mobile sieving stations. External final performance tests with view to the quality of the recycled material ensure an environmentally sound and high-quality production.
In addition, the mobility of our crushing and sieving stations allows for the on-site processing and reuse of the recycled construction waste.

Wood, as a valuable raw material, is treated by our mobile wood shredders and reintroduced into the cycle of materials. This includes lop, scrap lumber, timber, root wood, and medium-sized stem wood. First, foreign materials are removed and then the wood is shredded. The so produced 10 to 15 cm big pieces (so-called ‘wood chips’) are then supplied to biological power stations where they are used for power and heat generation.

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