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Container Service & Disposal

A further offer of our company is the rental of our containers for business and private customers. We have a large contingent of different containers in sizes (7m³ - 36m³) is ready for the collection of:

  • Building waste
  • Cardboard
  • Building debris
  • Paper
  • Bio-waste
  • Scrap and metals
  • Wood
  • and further wastes

Depending on kind and quantity of the assaulting waste we provide you with the appropriate container, in order to dispose the waste properly and professionally.

Our offer comprises the following types of containers:

 -   7 cbm open skips, height 1,50 m x width 1,80 m x length 3,70 m, also with cover or flap                                     
 - 10 cbm open skipsheight 2,00 m x width 1,80 m x length 3,90 m,

 - 15 cbm Containers for bulk tippers, height 1,10 m x width 2,30 m x length 6,50 m,

 - 20 cbm Containers for bulk tippers, height 1,40 m x width 2,30 m x length 6,50 m,

 - 34 cbm Containers for bulk tippers, height 2,20 m x width 2,30 m x length 6,50 m,



Please do not hesitate to conact us in order to receive the up-to date prices for ordering containers and the disposal of the different waste materials.

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