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Asbestos Abatement & Demounting

When demounting and disposing asbestos and fibreglass (synthetic mineral fibres), the requirements and safeguards according to the specifications of the TRGS 519 and 521 (technical guidelines of danger materials) are to be followed.

Our employees have:

  • the necessary certificate of their expert knowledge
  • practical experience for many years,
  • an appropriate health certificate,
  • the certificate of the respiratory protection examination,

in order to fulfil these requirements and to accomplish the workings properly and professionally.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibre shaped mineral, which in the past has been used for waste water pipes, roof panels, ventilation pipes, insulating material etc. Nowadays we know that fibres of asbestos can settle down in our lung and can cause different diseases (e.g. cancer).
Similar is the case with fibreglass (synthetic mineral fibres). As well as with asbestos the health-endangering effect of older products has been well-known for several years.


Infobroschüre “Asbest im Haus” (Bundesamt für Gesundheit)
[only in German]

Asbest - ein gefährlicher Alleskönner
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Wo findet sich gefährlicher, schwach gebundener Asbest?
Asbestverdacht – was nun?
Asbestanwendungen ausserhalb des Wohnbereichs
Asbest in Speckstein und Specksteinöfen?

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