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Abruption & Deconstruction

The abruption of buildings and factories nowadays requires more than only the utilisation of a wrecking ball. For this reason high-level technologies are used in the abruption industry.
These technologies require well trained site managers, machine operators and skilled workers.
Furthermore the requirements and regulations regarding the abruption works have increased in the last few years due the usability of construction waste.
By the selective deconstruction of objects which are subject to abruption we are able to separate different materials at site and thus recycle them professionally and properly.

A professional accomplishment by our qualified employees is guaranteed by foregoing and explicit defined demounting concepts according to the requirements of the TV abruption works of the German Abruption Association.

Our range of services not only includes the deconstruction of objects but also the gutting of premises and buildings, as well as the industrial scrapping of machines and their parts.

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