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About us

Biography of the company “From the tricycle to a specialized waste management company”

In the year 1959 Hubert Herzog, the father of the current owner H. Herzog junior, placed the first stone and founded the company Herzog as scrap merchant and car disposal.
To make his living he first had to gad about across the streets with a “tricycle”.

In order to give his business a firm location he rented, approx. in 1963, an area in the Leibnitzstraße. After that this location became to small, in 1967 he rented the area of the
German Federal Railways “Am Bahnhof Speick” and finally went into service as a scrap merchant.
In the first years the business was led out of an old railroad car. If you speak with the sons and daughters of H. Herzog they will then report you with bright eyes about this special “office”. They already worked in the paternal company when they where young and so they learned the business from scratch.

Until the year 1978 the company was relocated and expanded again and again on this area. After the death of Hubert Herzog in this year, his sons Hubert Herzog (jun.) and Franz-Wilhelm Herzog have taken over the biggest part of that company and founded the H. Herzog KG as a scrape and metal trade.

Only in the year 1988 the area finally has been acquired and taken over from the possession of the German Federal Railroads. The company was consolidated and became larger over the years.
Temporary partnerships, participation and acquisition of other enterprises have been transacted and will be transacted in the future.
In the course of time they where able to extend the company by the business segments demolition, asbestos demounting, container service and industrial demounting.

Since 2002 the company is a certified waste management enterprise and can effect the disposal of special waste materials.
What began as a one-man business about a half century ago is now a proud working place for up to 40 employees.

Also in the future the company will remain in familiar hand, because with Alexander and Thomas Herzog the next generation is prepared to adapt the enterprise to the new requirements of the progressive time…

  H. HERZOG KG     Landgrafenstraße 60     41069 Mönchengladbach   Tel.: 02161 / 93097-0    Fax: 02161 / 93097-15   info@herzog-kg.de